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Installing PHP-GTK

PGID3 depends on three main software packages: PHP, GTK2, and PHP-GTK2.

If you already have these three packages installed, or you know how to install them then you can skip to installing PGID3.


Coming Soon, sorry.


Step One: Download this ZIP file:
This ZIP file has everything needed to run a PHP-GTK2 application. In a lot of ways this will be ten times easier than what we have to do on Linux.
Step Two: Extract that ZIP file.
Extract the contents of that ZIP file to 'C:\Program Files'. When you do this you will get a new directory, 'C:\Program Files\php-gtk', I would strongly suggest renaming it to 'C:\Program Files\PHP-GTK2'.
Step Three: Setup the GTK theme.
This is pretty simple. Copy the file:
  • 'C:\Program Files\PHP-GTK2\share\themes\MS-Windows\gtk-2.0\gtkrc' (it has no extension)
into this folder:
  • 'C:\Program Files\PHP-GTK2\etc\gtk-2.0\'
Step Four: Done.
Go install PGID3.