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Frequently Asked Questions

Using PGID3

Q: Can I batch process a directory?

A: No. Nor is that is not really one of the features I plan to add.

Q: What is this "Open Current (XMMS)" button and what does it do?

A: If you have QueryXMMS installed PGID3 can ask XMMS what song you are currently playing and open it so you can edit its tags. There are also several hot keys you can use if you have QXMMS installed, telling XMMS to go forward or backwards a track and have PGID3 open the new file. Without QXMMS this button will not even show. QXMMS requires a Unixesque OS (Linux) and of course the XMMS media player.


Q: How do I get started with my own PHP-GTK application?

A: Know PHP. Know how to do OOP in PHP5. Check out the related websites like, Also join us on the IRC,, channel #php-gtk.

Q: The documentation page uses weird symbols on the list numbers, what is that?

A: I do not really know, they were valid CSS options. Looks cool does it not?

Q: GTK applications in PHP is a stupid idea, Bob.

A: First off, that is not even a question. Second, it is only stupid because you are a slave to the only environment you have seen PHP in before. If localhost applications were not suppose to happen then PHP (just like Python and Perl) would not have a Command Line Interface. Third, I don't care - it is fun.